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Releases (Android)

Older changelogs can be found on the releases page (Press ... after version). Older APKs can be found in the releases folder.


After logging in with a Literotica account you also can:


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The app is only supported from Android v4.4 (KitKat, released in 2013) and upward.

Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources and enable the option called Allow installation of apps.... Then downloading the app at the top of the page, once the resulting .apk file is downloaded, install the app by pressing the notification or opening the file with a file manager app.

Read the official Android documentation for more information


Since version 1.13 I started tracking some basic things out of pure curiosity. I’m using Google Analytics (with all advanced features disabled) and track:

This is purely to get an overview of how many people are using my app, since GitHub doesn’t allow me to see download statistics. You can check these claims in the source code by searching ‘track’.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter a problem or have a feature request, please check the app’s settings and my TODO list first.


I am getting the following message: Error while communicating with server.

Most frequently this is either a temporary problem with the Literotica servers or your country blocking the Literotica servers. Please try to access the Literotica website directly in a browser and/or the official app. If this problem persists, feel free to contact me (Tip: also include the “Error Log” in your mail to help me debug the problem).

When starting the app it loads for a long time and then shows an error popup with the text: Connection to the server was unsuccessful.

Please reboot your device, if this didn’t fix it, try to clear the app data.

Requested Features / Bugfixes

You can check if the bug report or feature you wish to send in has already been logged on my TODO list.
Unfortunately I am sometimes unable to fix or implement these requests due to time or platform constraints:


Do you have questions, bug reports, feature requests or even a PR you want to merge? Send me an email at: